Sony SRS-XB10 and Xtreme Gaming GC-700 Lumen Review

Let’s kick off the summer with a new review since the Sun is coming out it is time to get some tech for the summer and today we will be reviewing the sony SRS xB 10 speaker. First off the packaging has a nice and classic Sony design once the box is opened we find a micro USB cord some manuals and the speaker it self.

Sony SRS-XB10 Review

First off looking at the speaker the color pops out it has a nice rubbery matte finish. The bottom is a bit more grippy which is useful so the speaker doesn’t slide now the speaker has some buttons on it we have the panel it reveals the my Grievous B port and audio port. Then the play and pause button the ad budget is used to connect with another speaker if wanted the volume down and volume up button and a power button on the speaker.

There’s also a little silicon struct in which you can use to carry the speaker or to prompt the speaker up this B here comes with NFC so easy pairing this speaker is also water-resistant i PX v he can sustain some splashes to put this to the test we used an ear Super Soaker to self to speaker the result it is resistant.

The speaker can supposedly see connected to your phone up to 10 meters. This isn’t false when I tried it the distance was barely 5 meters now moving on to the sound money the bass is very strong. Sometimes I could feel the vibrations through my feet I would give the South body a very good mark.

Now the pros and cons of the speaker starting off with the pros this is a very good portable speaker for the summer the water-resistant is a good way to know that you won’t have to be worried about the speaker at all times. The battery life is around 10 hours. There is also a built-in mic that can be used as a phone there are lots of different vibrant colors to choose from and the price is decent but could be cheaper.

Now the cause The water-resistant isn’t the best also the distance for the Bluetooth is really really bad and it limits how far you the phone and the speaker can separate. At the end of the day the sony srs XP tips speaker is a great speaker for anyone who lives with vibrant colors good bass and small size. Otherwise the biggest downside is the fact that the range sucks otherwise this is a great speaker for on-the-go.

Xtreme Gaming GC-700 Lumen Review

And today we have a keyboard mouse combo which looks like the Razer Deathstalker feels like the desk talker but is $40 cheaper. Today we have the extreme gaming GC 700 lumen gaming keyboard right off the bat the packaging doesn’t look too good for to look too bad once we look inside we find the keyboard the mouse and a manual.

Starting off with the keyboard we see that it looks similar to the Razer Deathstalker because of the shape and the keys once we use them they feel exactly like the Deathstalker. There isn’t much difference besides the logo and the led.

The build quality of this keyboard is nothing special it is durable and won’t Bend too much now the LEDs are pretty good for 40 dollars but there are only seven different colors dark blue, green, red, light blue, yellow, purple, and white.

Moving on to the feeling typing on this keyboard is really good and easy. If I were to be blindfolded and use this keyboard I would not be able to tell the difference between this and the Razer Deathstalker. It is also very quiet and feels as if it is a membrane keyboard with a quick response time I used to own a razor Deathstalker but compared to this I can’t really tell the difference.

Now the mouse the mouse feels exceptional it is really comfortable to use and has a little bit of customizability to it you can change the LED colors and there is also a pulsing mode you can also change the DPI sensor with a click of a button from five hundred to a thousand to one thousand seven hundred and fifty and two thousand eight hundred.

Which makes it really convenient the build quality of this mouse is not the greatest a feature that I was surprised to find was that you can adjust the weights on the bottom by twisting it then tapping it out this is a great feature to find on such a cheap keyboard mouse combo.

The pros and cons the pros are that is cheap durable feels like a razor Deathstalker and the mouse is very comfortable to use and change to your personal preference. Also another Pro is that it has a braided cable there are not many cons about this keyboard except for the fact that there are only seven colors that you can change it to all.

In all if you’re looking for a silent durable keyboard that feels almost identical to the Razer Deathstalker but don’t want to pay more money then this is the keyboard mouse combo for you.