Bose Soundsport In-Ear Review

Hey everyone back another review and today we will be reviewing the Bose sound sport in ear headphones. These Bose headphones are claimed to stay in your ears during workouts be sweat and weather resistant and provide premium sound quality. With all of boses claimed features does it really fulfil the Bose brand name.

Now starting off with the design and overall look these headphones come in six different colors Liman, blue, black, white and gray, red and black, lime and dark, green and orange, and gray. These headphones have an inline control which Bose was kind enough to make a model that works for Android and one that works for Apple the build quality of these headphones are made out of a hard plastic which is durable for the most part.

Bose Soundsport In-Ear Review

One issue that I had was with the rubber at the end of these earbuds in which it is very loose now these being wired headphones do not have a tangle free cable. Which is something that I would be looking for in a pair of sport earbuds for instance if I want to put these in my pocket there will be some untangling having to be done when taking them out.

The cable for these headphones are 115 centimeters long moving on to the ear tips. Personally I’m a fan of these ear tips due to the fact that when I’m going on a run I am able to listen to my music as the best quality while still being able to listen to the outside world and know when cars are coming. On the other hand other people won’t like this because they want to only be able to hear their music.

Otherwise these ear tips are very useful if you are going out on runs the you tips are also very comfortable and lightweight. When wearing them I could barely feel them at times even though the ears are not fully in your ear the bass is still very prominent compared to the other divas which isolate the noise from the outside world.

Now you also get some accessories with your headphones. You get three different sized ear tips small medium and large I personally use the medium ones and they seem to fit quite nicely in my ear you also get a carrying pouch some might think that this is a small accessory.

Personally I think this is a very useful one I use it to store my earbuds nicely and not get them damaged or lost now the pros and cons of these headphones the pros are that these are some super comfortable headphones that stay in your ear despite all the movement that you might be having when working out. Even though that your buds are still not fully in your ear canal they still deliver powerful bass now the cons of these year buds are that they let in quite a bit of sound and also leak some sound.

This could be a pro for some but could be a con for others. Overall the Bose sound sport in ear headphones are very good from the aspect of sound quality and comfort these year buds are perfect for anyone who is looking to go for a run or workout. They stay in your ear and are very lightweight.