Razer Ouroboros Gaming Mouse Review 2021

Hey everyone bolakunews.com back with another review and today we will be reviewing the Razer Ouroboros Gaming Mouse from first viewing. Razer Ouroboros packaging looks and feels premium which is something that you’d be looking for in a $200.

Now once we open the box we find the Razer mouse on displacement. At first glance the Razer Ouroboros looks something like a green Lamborghini. One squeezer moves the stand we find a charging dock which is used once a mouse is used Wireless. This is a great charging dock because it will stick to anywhere and it will not slide off a table.

Razer Ouroboros Gaming Mouse Review

Underneath all of that is where we find the classic razor pin. In which we find two green documents which congratulate you on your purchase. Under new staff you find the product size.

And finally the things we stick everywhere which are the raisered stickers underneath all of that is where we will find our accessories. Here we find some customizable sides for the mouse which are used for people to Quogue them up. Next to that we find a screwdriver and next to that we find a 2500 milliamp hour rechargeable battery and next to that is where we find an.

Extremely long charging cord here we find a scroll wheel which is used to raise and lower the palm rest. Buttons on this mouse are really easy and comfortable to you it is very easy to switch the sides. Because of the fact that they have very strong magnets the charging dock looks and feels premium. To charge the mouse simply place it on the dock and it will charge itself and when you want to use it again simply pop it off.

Biggest disappointment of the razor-mouth is that you need to have the charging dock plumping all times to use wirelessly. But when used wired it performed the same as if it was Wireless when I used to smash during games it was very responsive and had a cookie feeling to it now pros and cons of this know the pros are.

It’s very customizable and easy to configure to your own settings. With the 8200 dpi sensor it is very responsive when used wirelessly there is not much difference as it in wired. The packaging of this mouse gives you a really premium feel and make you feel as if you stood for your money and now the con.

Personally for what you’re getting in this mouse I think that the price rate behind also there are no programmable LED switches for $200 all you get to do is to change the brightness levels of the LEDs. You can’t even change the color can use the mouse wirelessly you have to have the dog plugged in at all times that would mean you have to carry it around with you wherever you go.

If it works $200 personally I would say no why because of the fact that one used wirelessly you need to always carry the dock around and the X court. Which is a big hassle for some people for $200 you’re paying small t4z 8200 dpi centers which is very responsive all in all this is a great mouse for someone who likes to leave your field and is willing to sacrifice the customizability of the LEDs if you have $200.

And like the color green then this is the mouse for you thanks for watching if you did please drop a like and follow this is site bolakunews and I’ll see you in my next post.