Logitech MK235 Review 2021

Logitech MK235 Review 2021 – hey everyone today we have very Minimalistic keyboard and mouse combo that does the job and won’t break the bank. Today we have the Logitech MK2 35 right off the bat we see that from the packaging the Logitech vibes are already flowing in the air with their classic teal color and their simple yet clean design on the front.

Once we open the box we find the USB nano receiver the mouse itself three batteries and finally the keyboard. Now the instructions on how to use the mouse are very easy and shown in three simple steps that anyone can follow. They don’t include a user manual due to the fact that the three step instructions show you what you need to do now moving on to the design of the keyboard mouse combo.

Starting off with the mouse due to the fact that this combo is more focused on the keyboard logitech made it so the mouse is clean and simple with no fancy tricks up its sleeve. They are three buttons on the mouse the overall feel of the most is a bit more cheap and on the plasticky side but the grip is oddly comfortable. At first glance it may look a bit odd that the way it is shaped but after using it for a while it becomes quite comfortable.

The mouse also has a matte finish to top things off one bonus that the mouse has is that it can be used on almost all surfaces. Which is quite convenient when you are on the go the battery of the Mouse claims to have 12 months of usage which I haven’t tested so I really don’t know if they can live up to.

That now the keyboards design is very clean and sleek with its matte grey sort of rubbery feel to it that makes it a delight to type on the keyboard it self is not built the sturdiest as you can see. It does have some flex to it moving on to the typing field this has to be one of the most comfortable keyboards that I have typed on in a while that is under $100 the finish. That Logitech has used on this keyboard is very comfortable.

The key switches I believe are membrane and are very silent due to that this is a great keyboard for workspaces and for home they make a bit of noise but nothing compared to the Razer Black Widow Chroma. This keyboard has acclaimed 36 month lifespan and it claims also to be spill proof which. Again is quite impressive for a keyboard at this price point again I have no way to test the lifespan of this keyboard due to. The fact that I don’t want to wait 36 months to write this review with this keyboard Logitech took the time to make a very good typing experience.

I decided that cutting some money on the design material would do the job. And I say that it does now both the keyboard and the mouse are Wirelessly connected to a computer using a 2.4 gigahertz USB that has a connectivity range of up to 10 meters and I can say that the connectivity is very good I am even able to game on these and has close to no input lag the mouse has the option to be turned off to conserve battery.

But sadly the keyboard does not have that same option now the pros and cons of this keyboard and mouse combo the pros are there is a very good experience typing on these, they are very affordable, they are clean and Minimalistic, they both have long battery lives, and overall just an awesome combo they are not that many cons to this keyboard. Actually the only one that I could think of is the build quality.

It’s not the best but then again the typing experience is great overall when buying this keyboard at first I wasn’t expecting much out of it but as soon as I started typing with it and using it daily. It became easily one of the best keyboards that I have ever used under $100. The mouse might look a bit cheap but then again the keyboard is the main focus and the keyboard delivers 110 percent.