BoomPods AquaPod Review

BoomPods AquaPod Review – Now we have a speaker that claims he can withstand all that stone edit in life. For a fraction of the price of speakers such as the JBL flip forth and the ue boom but in a much smaller size while still checking off all the boxes of a good speaker.

Today we have the boom pods aqua pods wireless speaker which is very cheap and rugged coming in at only $40 like always starting off with the packaging. We see that it is quite a nice feel to it as they have put the time to add the window so you know exactly what you’re getting in the Box.

Inside we have the speaker itself micro USB cord, a bike mount, a suction cup, a carabine derp, and a safety lanyard. as you can see the speaker comes with lots of accessories similar to GoPro the only difference is that these are free and they don’t cost 20 bucks.

Now moving on to the design of the speaker and its build quality the overall feel of the speaker is a matte plastic you feel it is also very light and is quite small in size. On the edges where it is blue it gets much sturdy and can probably take a beating from anything with all of its claims that is this lifeproof so far they seem to be very well overall despite the speaker being made out of plastic it is a solid build quality.

The quality of the other accessories are not the best but again it does the job charging cord is also just basic plastic. Now my experiences with the speaker are so so on one side it is quite loud considering its size. But on the other side its size sacrifices the base of the speaker it has absolutely no base whatsoever now all of the lifeproof features seem very good and useful for people who are always doing outdoor things but for me it’s not a necessity and I could easily live without it.

Bottom line is that you are mostly paying for the lifeproof features that this speaker has the sound of the speaker does the job without any bass though. But it is also no Bose quality now moving on to the lifeproof feature of the speaker it claims to be ipx7 waterproof and so we put it to the test.

We saw that it is in fact true the shop true feature was a bit risky to test fully from the distance of one meter it was completely fine. we tried to soak it with water using a hose and it still worked perfectly the lifeproof aspect is quite decent for the price tag of $40. Now my final verdict for the speaker is that it’s quite good for someone who’s looking for something that can take a beating and continue to work completely fine. Thanks for watching if you did please drop a like and share this post and I’ll see you in my next new post.