Xiaomi Noise Cancelling Earbuds Review

Xiaomi Noise Cancelling Earbuds Review – today we have two Xiaomi noise cancelling earphones before I start like to thank all of you for the support we’ve gained over the past few months whether it be positive or negative we appreciate all if you like to join our small community with how you appreciate a like and subscribe it truly motivates us to make more quality content for you guys.

It’s our first video 2018 and let’s kick it off over the Affordable piece of audio equipment. The xiaomi noise cancelling earbuds if you haven’t heard of the brand Xiaomi they’re considered to be the apple of China without the expensive price tag. These earbuds are no exception coming in only $60 these earbuds give ample sound quality to the average person I myself am an average consumer.


And if you’re all-in as well you should stick around the design abilities earbuds are very solid the earbuds themselves are made from a respectable metal body. The dedicated digital noise cancellation controller as well. Connecting the inline controls to the l-shaped audio jack we have a braided cable note that the wire connecting the earbuds to the inline controls are actually plastic.

On the inline controls we have the play/pause follow him up and down on the side we have the micro USB at charging input. Parallel to this we have the toggle for the noise canceling they offer two levels. On the back of the controls we have a clip moving up we have the earbuds themselves from first glance it looks very sleek.

Almost like a unibody design but it’s actually not. Let’s just take a moment to mention the carrying case it not only comes with a leatherette pouch but as well as a multitude of different sized ear tips to fit all ears. It comes with sizes extra small small and large medium being the default ones already installed. Covering them we have a storage compartment I personally find as a hassle to use but it’s there nonetheless.

Experienc Xiaomi Noise Cancelling Earbuds

My experience but these have been nothing but Pleasant the active noise-cancelling is highly noticeable when around humming ambient noise such as in an airplane. For my tests that they’re very proficient at that I highly appreciate the build quality for the earbuds gives it gave me more confidence when using it and have to worry about the cable breaking at all a nice feeling when using it when you’re on the go.

The battery life is very lasting I’ve never encountered a situation where the battery life was an issue during time actually use this when I’m on the bus. If you are curious it offers 12 hours of battery life from a 55 million power battery. Now that may not seem like a lot but I can assure you they do last a sufficient amount and charging it up takes only a mere two hours.

One drawback is that the inline controls tend to favor Android the volume up and down do not work with iOS. Meanwhile the play/pause button does the sound quality in my opinion is great for its price. If you’re into high fidelity audio I would look somewhere else but for me it’s perfect.

In conclusion if you’re looking for a pair of reasonably priced active noise-cancelling earbuds these are definitely a viable option. They give great sound quality for what they are and they’re very durable battery life will be an issue so traveling with these were very convenient if you’re interested in picking these up there’ll be a link down the description will you be able to find them.

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