Fake Jaybird X3 Review

Today we will be reviewing a pair of $20 wireless earbuds the Millennium wireless earbuds by mercury innovations on the front of the box we can see a picture and the earbuds themselves if you lift the flap. On the flap we can see some features that these earbuds deliver on the back of the box we see a complete list of features and the specs.

More on those later inside the box we have the earbuds themselves a USB to micro USB charging cable a manual and three pairs of interchangeable ear tips. First off we can see that these earbuds are technically not Wireless but let’s set that aside because these earbuds are magnetized. Yeah that’s right if you want to take them off no worries just connect them together and you’re all good.

Fake Jaybird X3 Review

If you do use these for sports they have hooks to prevent them from falling out of your ear and if you feel uncomfortable with them you can simply take them off. Connecting the earbuds we have a reflective noodle wire, powering the earbuds we find the control center and the battery located on the right side of the wire. This is where you can charge the 65 million power rechargeable battery which will last you five hours and will take around two hours to charge. On the control center we can find the mic the volume up and down and the clay pause button.


My experiences with these earbuds have been definitely interesting when connected to my phone for some reason my phone thinks that easier bugs were a keyboard. Whenever I wanted to type I had to disconnect the earbuds from my phone I fixed this issue by disabling the keyboard and only allowing it to be a on a media device.

Another issue that I had is that sometimes there would be some interferes I don’t know the cause and how to fix it but it’s definitely a problem that what happened quite often. It’s something to consider for me I found that in ear hook a bit annoying so I prefer to take them off of course this is different from person to person. I also found the wire to be too long so I took some wire and compressed it so it would be less in my way.

The earbuds are super lightweight at only 15 grams and has a standby time of 150 hours they claim to have a Bluetooth range of up to 30 feet that’s false but my phone has always been in my pocket. So that’s not important now the most important part.

Sound quality

Sound quality if you are an audiophile I would totally avoid these if you are someone who just wants something to listen that’s handy lightweight and portable these are definitely a viable choice. I take public transit a lot and these are my go-to pieces of audio equipment the reason being it’s wireless and it’s magnetized I find that feature to be very useful.

Battery on this thing is pretty good I can last one day with them fully charged. In conclusion for $20 you’re getting exactly what you pay for a decent sounding piece of audio equipment that so happens to be wireless. if you take public transit a lot and find wires inconvenient I would totally recommend these earbuds if you are on the serious side of audio I would recommend higher priced Wireless alternatives like the j-bird x2 s.