House of Marley Positive Vibrations 2 Review

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Now let’s get back into the product in hand. The pairing experience was great nothing too special it lists all the features on the back of the box and on the front there’s a magnetic door to reveal the headphones themselves. In my opinion the most notable thing about the packaging was the material used to bundled abraded aux cord and a charging cable it’s a very small thing but adds a big field to the overall feeling and the ambience of the unboxing experience.

House of Marley Positive Vibrations 2 Review

These 40-millimeter drivers are parked about 360 million power rechargeable lithium-ion battery which will last you 12 hours and it takes 2 hours to fully charge. Connecting the phone to the Marlies it uses bluetooth 4.1 or the optional 1.3 meter long 3.5 millimeter stereo with a built in microphone braided cable.


House of Marley Positive Vibrations 2 specs

Here’s a full list of the specs clean stylish minimalistic almost handmade. It definitely feels that way it almost brings back time if that makes sense the headband is made from an almost denim like material. They call it rewind fabric the headphones themselves are made of aluminum thus making the headphones light and comfortable to wear.

The ear cups are made out of a soft leather wrap material inside the ear cups themselves you see the Marlee text proudly placed inside right next to the ear cups we have the onboard controls. We have the power on/off button skip track and volume buttons right below we have two built-in microphone and the LED indicator to represent charging status.

On the other side of the ear cup we have the micro USB charging port towards. The outer rim of the headphones we have two 3.5 millimeter removable headphone jack covering yet we have the engraved Marley logo on FSC certified wood. Moving up we see the hinges that allow these headphones to be folded in for portability.

My experience with these headphones were pretty positive bear in mind I’m no audio file I’m just an enthusiast so my world or my opinion. I found these headphones to isolate environment pretty well for being on ear the removable wire was a great feature I ended up using it a lot at home but when I was on the move I would use the Bluetooth function for less hassle.

The pace on these headphones were pretty punchy and I liked that a lot the pairing process was easy as ABC and it was overall pretty comfortable to wear for a certain amount of time. She was about my gripes with this headphone I wish the folding aspect was better executed when folded it leaves some bits just out and I personally don’t like that.

Also when folded I didn’t like the sound of aluminum rubbing each other. I use glasses so extended wear for these headphones is not that ideal for me. I found after two hours of use I had to take a break and put them back on again. This didn’t bother me much it was like a reminder to take a break from whatever I was doing. But this is something to look out for if you intend to wear these for extended amount of time and if you wear glasses like me.

This next one is pretty minor I wish that Marlee text was replaced with the letters Elin are the Marlee text seemed useless and could be used better if it were to indicate left or right. Because the only indication which side was left or right where the faint left and right symbol on the inside of the headphone.


In conclusion they’re amazing I would definitely recommend these to anyone who’s looking into buying a new pair of headphones for themselves or someone they know. So go on and pick one up they go for a hundred dollars with each purchase these headphones it will help towards a new tree being planted so help the world by listening to these headphones.

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