Rode VideoMicro Review 2021

Today we will be reviewing roads least expensive product in the Videomic lineup the Videomic micro the parts coming in at only $100. You won’t be living on the streets after this purchase straight out of the packaging. We see that it comes with a dead cat a 3.5 millimeter TRS cable and a Quick Start Guide.

Rode VideoMicro Review

The design of this mic is very smart right off the bat we can feel that the micro is housed in a metal body covering it a removable dead cat windshield that works really well. More on that later supporting the mic we have an integrated removable Rykov suspension coming out of them like we have a TRS cable leading into the receiving end of the camera.

To get the mic working all you have to do plug it in and you’re all good to go it’s as simple as that but it is recommended to dive into the manual audio settings and bring down the dial. So that the mic is less prone to pick up hissing it requires no battery so you won’t have to worry about your mic tying in the middle of a shoot.

Now for some specs this might comes in at 42 grams it’s 21 millimeters in height 21 millimeters in width and 80 millimeters in distance. It’s frequency range is 100 Hertz to 20,000 Hertz now for some sound test.

As we can hear the windshield is phenomenal it blew my mind when I heard the footage it’s definitely a solid upgrade from the built-in mic now for some pros and cons. The pros are that it’s super small so the dead-cat is three times its size it is still very small it requires no battery it’s plug-and-play it has a built in suspension and it is very affordable.

Vloggers would love this the cons are that the dead cat is just funny to look at I can’t really find any cons that would make me regret this purchase its all-around amazing to have and a great addition to my setup even. If there are no toggles to bumping up the decibels I’m not disappointed the price is right for what it gives I don’t see myself buying the pro in the near future just for those options.

In conclusion this mic is an absolute beast compared to the go I personally preferred the micro the reason being is that it is less expensive from my experience gives equal sound quality it’s smaller and it comes with its own dead cap which the go does not.

If you are a vlogger or an aspiring filmmaker on a budget I would totally recommend the micro it’s a great first mic and one that you can carry on. In the near future now you might be thinking where’s the audio test. Well this ant several of my last post were recorded using this mic so there you go thanks for visiting if you did please drop a like and subscribe there’s a tech bar and I’ll see you in my next video you