Logitech G430 Gaming Headset Review 2017

Hey everyone Tech barn back another video and today we have the Logitech G 430 gaming headset. That was released around 2013 and is still on the shelves. Today this was a great headset back then but is it still a good idea to get now in 2017 starting off with the packaging it looks quite nice and the components are well organized.

Now opening the box we find the USB adapter the manual and the headset itself starting off with the design of the headset right off the bat. You see that Logitech weren’t very simple yet very elegant and comfortable design. With the comfortable foam around the headband. The adjustable mic the problem with the material is that it is made of thin plastic which not only feels cheap.

Logitech G430 Gaming Headset Review

But also effects the durability of the headset the slightest movement can cause the headset to rattle a bit also the inline control is quite good as. You can mute and unmute your mic and you can adjust the volume but the downside is that the cord is too long despite this downside the G 430. Does something that makes it much better and that is it includes a USB adapter.

So you won’t have to buy one and you can connect the headset to your laptop with ease now moving on to the comfort of the headset the G 430 is easily. One of the most comfortable headsets there are at this price. I would wear these headphones all day as they are super light and the foam in the ear cups are very comfortable and can be removed now the performance.

Using this headset while gaming was a pretty good experience the sound was decent and did the job but there were some problems first off the ear cups are a tad too big. And this leads to them not being able to retain sound that well also the surround sound doesn’t do much and it is quite hard to tell the difference.

The only thing that it does is it echoes your own voice which sometimes leads you to hearing yourself in the middle of the game. Tow the mic there was no problems with the mic but one thing that they could have added it’s a noise reduction feature as it does pick up background noise.

Here is a test as you can see like does the job but there are better ones on the market now there are other gaming headsets on the market for around a hundred dollars but how does this one compare with the Razer Kraken. Design-wise the razer is a bit more bulkier and the mic is retractable and can be moved around more freely.

Whereas the G 430 mic is larger and stiffer now comfort wise the G 430 easily wins as it is very lightweight and could be worn on your head forever. Now the overall difference between these two is that. The Razer is more focused on sound quality and has more bass whereas the G 430 is more focused on comfort both headphones are great choice but in the end it goes down to what is more important to you.

Sound quality or comfort now back to the G 430 the pros and cons of this headset starting off with the pros is very comfortable. As a smart design and the sound is decent now the cons the surround sound basically does nothing but sounds sometimes echoes your voice is a plastic you feel the cord is too long and you can’t use it to connect with your phone.

The bottom line is the G 430 is a very good headset for someone who is looking for a headset that they can use for a couple of hours non-stop without any irritation. Otherwise the only downside is that the surround sound doesn’t do much otherwise this is a great headset.